Friday, February 19, 2010

Programmer’s Friend : Suunto T1

Its common knowledge that programmers tend to sit long hours in front of the computer and have next to zero amount of sports activity. Esp in countries like Malaysia or Thailand, jogging outside your house tantamount to suicide, given the kind emission rules around here.

Thus, its very important that programmers stays fit and indoor exercise is something that you don’t like but u need it gravely.

I found a real cheap way to exercise in house, get a Suunto T1 watch and that is basically your “profiler” so whatever “unit test” you do to your body, the T1 will profile and show you if what you did is indeed “enough” or your just fooling yourself.

With this watch, you can buy those much cheaper exercise equipment that does not comes with yet another heart rate monitor and i can tell you, the T1 and the belt gives the most accurate monitoring anyway.

Basically its a heart rate monitor that allows personalized settings like age, weight, height so that it can recommend a suitable heart rate that you should achieved and work on.

Recently after changing both the batteries on the watch and the strap i realize its no longer functioning. The website FAQ says “code not found” is bad news and i need to reset the belt and try again.

Well, here is something that the manual and website didn’t tell you.

You need to change the batteries in the BELT FIRST, before you change the batteries in the WATCH.  By doing this sequence, the watch will figure out that it needs to find the belt with a new code and will accept whatever code the belt is sending out.

Now, go on …run the unit test.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Vcds , dvds , blueray n bookstores

Things are sure looking bleak for video shops in malaysia . It takes just around 4 hours to download a movie via torrent .

Apart from piracy issues, here are some facts that seems to highlight the gloomy outlook of such businesses in Malaysia .

- dl movies have even better translation than the localized originals here . Look at Bleach for eg , the xxxbayo dls translations are better

- lousy quality on localized original. I buy original as much as I can . Its pretty disappointed that some cheap originals have utterly inferior quality . Take Twilight for eg , that local company that produce it is terrible . The show is lacking in contrast and has smudged colors . A friend of mine who decides to dl got a much better quality.

- Malaysian censorship . Dl movies are not censored , the local rebranded originals are. Nobody likes a tampered original .

I guess bookstores are finding it hard to survive too with all those ebooks illegal copies floating around and the crappy moral values of the new generation that believes anything u can dl for free is ok since u don't get caught aka stealing.

Its a repulsive sight to see how some would just take up magazines and read it all the way without buying . Some folks even mishandled mags n books while reading so much so that no one would buy it at that condition.


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