Thursday, January 14, 2010

Inspiration + programmer

I admit sometimes i feel darn old and tired of programming. All these Malaysia boleh and after 11 years of starting my company i have not succeeded in getting my product out in a big way to the world. Yes it sold well in Malaysia and i exported some of my work in component to Europe, but the product as a whole by me and my team is not exporting.

I need inspiration and i need it badly.

Thank God…last week i stumble accidently on my answer. Its a watch. What has a watch gotto do with my line of work?Everything.

For one, you see all watches does more or less the same thing and yet each company behind those brands manages to export and have its own customers and loyal followings. In today’s world, you will have to strike lottery to be doing a software that someone else does not have or works similarly.

Second, watches is about craftsmanship, material, engineering and technology . Technology however is limited only to certain brand of watches . Needless to say watches that markets only on heritage and brand has zero inspiration to me.

If the watches companies could survive and yet make a good living out of it and export to the whole world, i reckon i could too. That is the first line of inspiration i found.

The best watch company that have the right ethos and philosophy is Casio G-Shock. Yeah sure its no prestigious bs and ego marketing, but hell the inspiration that G-shock provides is everything i needed to get my product in line.

If i could get our product in line with the Casio G-shock ( …see that red text on the right in that site….yes that is what i want to do .

Shock the World.

Right now as i am typing this, i am wearing a G-shock 1500bd, stainless steel black strap . Yes, i am fully inspired to continue my journey in programming and steer my company and products using this philosophy. Build it bloody solid, anti-fragile, works like clockwork and loads of technology. Heck this thing does 200 meters water resistance while something that cost 10x is doing less.