Monday, January 14, 2008

Kids Stuff - The ultimate in learning Programming

When i was in form2, the teacher gave all of us an assignment. Write a report of a survey of any topic . My particular group consist of 3 guys and we decided to do a survey on "What kind of boys you like to be your boyfriend". Yeah, seems like we were taking advantage of the teachers assignment to satisfy our curiousity. ;-)

My school back then was St.John Institution, a school that was the envy of many boys school, not because St.John has the best atheletes back then (even though we claimed we were) but because we were surrounded by girls school.

Just across the road we have Convent Bukit Nanas (aka the "classy" girls), not far away we have St.Mary Girls' School (aka the "best" choice) and down the road we have Bukit Bintang Girl School (aka the "naughty" girls who didnt make it to the other 2 schools).

The survey was completed in 3 days since the questions was circulated via the school buses that conveniently provides transportation for most of these schools. I was given the solemn task of compiling and making the results into a report.
But instead making it a dull and serious report, i used a format back then that got people laughing. I cut various pictures from magazines and drew baloon dialogue boxes to present the points. Most thought i would be given a stern warning from the English teacher, but instead she praised me for creativity.

Fast forward to my current time now..Welcome to the new school where programmers needs to learn many stuffs with minimum time. The Dummies line of books has been very successful so much so that you can find all kinds of topics in it and why was it successful? Because the presentation was clear, and people are tired of reading dull scholarly words.

Just the other day i got myself a book on "Head Rush" by Oreilly on certain programming topics. After reading it for 2 days, i conclude that this kind of format is one of the best books available today for learning IT .

If you are curious about certain programming topics, like Ajax, C# or Javascript, before you jump all over the net gobbling up every garbage you find and end up being half-cooked, I suggest you take up "Head Rush" line of books for the topic you are interested in.