Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Twitter (python api) on Nokia S60

I wanted a system whereby people can sms to a phone that will log it to twitter.
With this system an organization can keep track of what its support/sales staff are at any given point of time.
After tinkering around with the twitter python api and Nokia s60 python (1.9.6), i finally
got it working...(duh...that took me more than an hour...)

There is however ONE big catch (read end of the section)

Here is the code :

Gotchas :-

1 - Ah yes you also need to change that getusername routine in twitter, else it wont work

2- Pay attention to that pesky pyS60 Application Packager (READ the README file) , this is not py2exe. Basically, you will need to rename your main file to some fix

3- It will keep asking you for connection (access point) on each msg , unless your using some newer phones like nokia 5800 XM. If you are using N82, ALL the popular examples shown in the internet like these :



DOESN'T Work. The reason is due to some "compatibility problem" between socket and btsocket.

"Twitter" uses urllib2 not urllib, and these people probably have never tested it on that api. Someone from Silicon Valley once said that Nokia know nuts about promoting development, and thus he rejected their offer to develop for symbian and instead move the whole team to iphone.

In some ways, i agree....but i still love my nokias ;-) I reckon the same thing would have worked in Iphone much earlier and with less blood on my desk.

** Update :

Marcelo Barros from Croozeus :

Yes, that is the problem. I reported it at maemo some time ago.
I suggest you to use my twitter api. Extend it if necessary.
It uses urllib and simplejson (I ported it to S60, code in the same dir).

Note : If you still want to use the twitterapi as it is and not the ported version, you will

need to hardcode the "getusername" and stick to "socket" only calls, avoid using btsocket.

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