Thursday, November 1, 2007

Programming Job available

There will be a booth in TARC this coming 14-15th Nov, 2007 held by my company.

The company wants to hire programmers, if you are a tarcian and attending the event, i gurantee u will not miss our booth (ha ha)...the posters that was done is out of this world.

"Code Wars" - Master Yoda poster

"Enter the Coders" - Bruce Lee poster

I hope the rightful parties wont be offended as the images are just used for this one occasion, for the same reason i wont be posting the images in its actual format.

Actually if you are looking for a programming job as your starting career or if you have 1-2 years experience, you just need to be able to write this program, and my company would love to hire you.

Program Test: (C# or C++)

1. Write a program that will write to a file, the following random objects

integers, alphanumberics, floats and seperated in a file. The file size must be around 20 MB.

Eg, 23213, 1.2312, helloworld, 88593, what is this, 88.22

2. Write a program that will read from this file and print the types of each token that was read from the file :

Eg, 23213 = integers

1.2313 = floats

helloworld = strings

Thats it, simple and straight forward. Just complete the 2 programs on your own.

Send the program project to the company at : complete with your resume .

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  1. i saw ur booth on tarc. i no garduaate yet, i intersted can?
    u can eamil me at